Q: Is it an image consultant?

A: Consultant =

The guiding and advising role Image = Looking, Individuality, From Outside to Inner My image consultant advises you from the ideal form to the inner way.

We will also give guidance and advice from the viewing-angle approach to speech, mindfulness (mental). For example, clothes, language use in TPO, application of smartphone, site to use, LINE stamp and so on.

Be never pushy and noticeable, be careful notice · While advising * aim up a notch above.

Photograph shooting and movie shooting are included in the following as necessary.

Full support: We can always contact with LINE etc for one month, Weekly meeting (total 4 times) We will support as much as possible.

Info & Support: Provide necessary information at one month, LINE etc., Meetings once every two weeks (twice in total)

JustInfo: Provide necessary information at LINE etc for one month, meet once a month (total once) (trial consulting) = try.



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